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Management centralization Of cards

Profile and access management of third parties


Card Management System

It is a card program management solution (CMS – Card Management System) addressed to Card Issuing Entities with different types of schemes:
-Card schemes: Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay, etc.
-Private cards (Private Label).
-Cards according to sector (Gasoline, etc).

The system can manage cards of type and products:
-Credit (Consumer / Business).

Our software allows you to manage the entire program and management cycle of the life of the card and its interaction with third parties such as:
-Card personalizers
-Card processors
-Card schemes
-Bilateral agreements and acquirers

That contribute WUL4CMS
to your company?


Commissioning in minimum time


Personalization tailored to the issuer and its program


Governance of the existing or new card program from its inception


Support and integration with backoffice processes of the entity