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WUL4 is a company specialized in security technology services and solutions.

Founded in 2010 by professionals with extensive experience in key companies in the means of payment sector, we provide our services to leading financial institutions, with diversification to other sectors: Public administration, large businesses and SMEs.

Our specialization focuses on the areas of cryptography and security, professional and consulting services (PCI-DSS, PSD2 …), integration and implementation of payment platforms, and software development (business, mobile applications, AI, etc.).



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Financial Institutions

We participate in the different necessary phases, to enable card payments. Our solutions include management systems and ad-hoc developments for issuing and acquiring financial institutions, mobile payment solutions, eCommerce and loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence

We consider investment in innovation as an aspect of vital importance. In this line we have solutions that take advantage of the use of artificial intelligence such as Chatbots, virtual assistants, access techniques…

Mobile Apps

We develop applications for smartphones that integrate with both business applications and social networks. Multiplatform apps constantly improving, with the aim of incorporating the latest advances in technology.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) is a mandatory security standard in the payment industry. All corporations that handle card data must be especially attentive to compliance with these regulations.


We assist Financial Institutions & other stakeholders in payment systems ecosystem, in the compliance with the EBA Payment Services Directives, such us the mandate to offer Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Consultancy & Training

We advise our clients on the designing and deployment for initiatives, and upgrades to existing solutions with the aim to comply with the payments system rules, and their updates: EMV, 3D Secure 2.x, PSD2, etc.

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