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Soluciones tecnológicas y de Seguridad

We design and build your business software infrastructures with integration to existing services

Develop customized solutions, based on our extensive experience and know-how


Involved in a program of continuous innovation, we develop and carry out consultancy and training on the latest trends and technologies in the market.
In the sector of the means of payment, we have:

-Solutions for acquiring Banks
-Solutions for Issuing Banks
-Specialization in e-commerce


We work for companies of the first order of the financial and sanitary sector as well as for companies belonging to other sectors: Public Administration, Smes…


In order to offer global solutions, we complement our services and products offering with some of the products and services of our Partners, allowing us to offer highly specialized solutions that fully cover the Requirements of our customers.

WUL4 Services

Means of Payment, Security, smartphone Applications and payment Solutions through smartphones


PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a mandatory security standard within the industry…

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Mobile Applications Development

In WUL4 We develop applications for smartphones that integrate with both business applications…

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Consulting and Design of Mobile Applications

To this day, the 70 of Internet users also access from their mobile terminals…

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Means of Payment

With extensive experience in the sector, in WUL4 we are involved in the different phases of the life cycle of Payment Means, and we develop…

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WUL4 is a company specializing in security.
We Offer services and products that cover…

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WUL4 offers training services to companies in the following fields…

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Digital Signature and Cryptography

Digital Signature Solutions and Cryptographic Services
In WUL4 We design your solutions…

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At WUL4 We offer our experience as consultants in security audit in the following areas…

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WUL4 Partners

Global Provider of electronic signature and security solutions for the


PriVateServer™: HSM hardware Security MODULE (FIPS 140-2 level 3) connected to the network, which provides a secure environment for data encryption, printing of personal number sending and secure execution of an application.

Cosign: A digital signature solution based ON the PKI standard.

Upcoming agreements

In WUL4 We believe in collaboration and cooperation between professionals. Therefore, we are in a process of continuous evolution opening doors to those companies that feel the need to share experiences with us.





WUL4 Team

John J. Rider

CEO & Founder

Abdul Ghafoor

CEO & Founder

Adrián García

Graphic Designer

Juan Ignacio Jaén

Android Programmer

Francisco Bermejo

Senior Software Developer

Sergio A Sánchez

Senior Programmer

Óscar Heredia

Web Programmer

David Heredia

Junior Programmer

Judith Guillen

Payment Media Analyst

Jacobo Cardenas

Sales Manager

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