The ‘Shopping Night’ plans to bring more than 200,000 visitors

The ‘Shopping Night’ plans to bring more than 200,000 visitors

The fourth edition of the Shopping Night, which will be held on June 5 in the center of Córdoba, “expects to exceed 200,000 attendees who registered last year, with the participation of about 500 stores,” said the president of the Open Mall Córdoba Center, Manuel Blasco, in the presentation of this initiative yesterday at the City Council. Blasco advanced that for the realization of this activity, “in which businesses will offer discounts, we have a budget of 60,000 euros, compared to 50,000 last year”


The objective is to publicize this event, not only in the province, where it has already consolidated, but again in Malaga, Seville and also in Madrid.The Shopping Night will be presented, with the support of the City Council and the Board, at the end of May in these three cities connected to Córdoba by AVE, with a specific signage showing Córdoba, to also sell the city, “said Blasco. “The increasingly better response to the Shopping Night is reflected in the fact that last year two AVEs were reinforced, the hotels were filled and there was a greater influx of people from the city center, from 6 pm to 2 pm at dawn, “said the president of Centro Córdoba. “Of the 200,000 attendees of last year, 10% were from outside the province of Córdoba, 30% from the province and the remaining 60% from the capital.


Coupons associated with Centro Córdoba will be distributed discount coupons, for that they offer them to their clients, for a total value of 9,000 euros, which may have an impact on achieving sales of between 100,000 and 150,000 euros, “added Manuel Blasco, who last night presented this initiative to his associates in the Circle of Friendship.


For his part, the mayor, José Antonio Nieto, said that “Córdoba must aspire to be the great reference of trade for 2 million potential clients, with the 800,000 inhabitants of Córdoba and the hundreds of thousands of people that can attract from provinces bordering like Seville, Malaga or Jaén. This may be possible thanks to quality, price and technological innovations such as those presented yesterday by Cordoba WUL4-Paythunder and Piggate. “

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