You are more likely to suffer a scam in a store than on the Internet.

You are more likely to suffer a scam in a store than on the Internet.

-How did this project come about?

What you look for? (WUL4) was created by me in 2010 with another partner and we are dedicated to everything related to electronic payment by credit card. When anyone pays in a store with their card, this implies a technological process with their software and their own operating system.


-What needs were detected in this sector to enter it?

It was a sector that we knew perfectly from our previous experience. We wanted to do something innovative, since I got tired of being in companies that didn’t bet on doing something new. There came a time when I was clear where the future was going to go and I went for it.


-Who are the main customers of WUL4?

One of our main clients is Redsys, which is the main payment processor in Spain, since it serves 4B and Servired. We also work with an international card brand that is well known. Our main market is currently the national one, although we are going to try to leave Spain in the short or medium term because the internal market has been too small for us. Precisely, a few days ago I participated in a commercial mission to Silicon Valley because we are very interested in the US market, where payment systems technology is not very advanced. I have to say that in Córdoba we don’t have any clients because here there is no global vision that is necessary to do something excellent.


-What new products are you working on?

We have developed one that allows bank customers to be notified of any movement in their accounts. This is already done with the SMS messages that financial institutions send with the different operations that are carried out, but our system has the advantage that it is free. In Córdoba we have also developed an application that lets you know where the Aucorsa buses are at all times. We have offered this project for free to the company, but we have not obtained any response. From the political point of view they showed interest, but afterwards it has not materialized in anything and I don’t know why. In the end it is true that no one is a prophet in their land.


-What growth potential does your sector have for the future?

There are many possibilities. We are very committed to innovation, but we also protect ourselves by patenting each of our creations. Fortunately, we can say that we are doing well. We started two people and already employed 12 workers, all of them technicians. For the future, we have prospects of continuing to grow.


-The security in the payment through Internet is reason for recurring debate. Are the current systems for commercial operations on the Network reliable?

There is a part of the population with a very specific age bracket that is likely to never use the Internet to buy. However, I believe that you are currently more likely to be ripped off in any store as a shoe store than if the product is purchased through the Web. Electronic payment systems have evolved greatly in security over the past few years. What is necessary is for the customer to know where he gets to buy.

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