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Seguridad Comercio electronico - Seguridad Medios de Pago - WUL4

What can WUL4 contribute in the field of security?

WUL4 is a company specializing in security.
We Offer services and products that cover the following areas:

  • Implementation/adequacy of safety regulations (PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, LOPD, ENS, etc)
  • We Offer Ethical Hacking services on Web applications and systems, showing any vulnerability that client systems may have before these vulnerabilities are exploited.
  • Implementation of Perimeter Security Solutions as is the case with the Astarte solutions.
  • We solve the needs of our clients on Cryptography, PKI and electronic Signature.
  • Support and Consultancy related to network security, system architecture and software.
  • Developer Training on secure coding and ethical hacking.

WUL4, thanks to its wide experience in the field of payment and security, as well as our wide range of services and products, we will not only be able to effectively advise our customers, but to propose and implement effective solutions in cost and time For ensure the security of your systems.


More information

You Can Contact For more information in the email: info@wul4.es